SLF4J Code Template for Netbeans

by 4/24/2007 09:32:00 AM 4 comments

SLF4J Code Template for Netbeans

I use Netbeans alot for Java development. I also used Loggers a great deal and Netbeans Code Template feature is a quick an easy way to insert this boiler plate code. Here's an example code template for inserting the code for creating an SLF4J logger [Note I've wrapped it in this blog, but it should all be on one line]:
private static final 
   ${LOG_TYPE type="org.slf4j.Logger" default="Logger" editable=false} 
   log = ${LOG_FACT type="org.slf4j.LoggerFactory" 
   default="LoggerFactory" editable=false}.getLogger(${CLASS});
I've added this tip to Netbeans Community Docs at

Brian Schlining


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Ceki said...

Cool. I be sure to reference your blog with the next release of SLF4J.

James said...

My name is James Branam and I'm the NetBeans Community Docs Manager. Your blog entry would make a fantastic tutorials for our Community Docs wiki ( Would you be willing to contribute it? If you need any help or have any questions, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Xanthros said...

I would point you to the SLF4J FAQ on using *static* for your template.

It asks the question: "Should Logger members of a class be declared as static?"

Before I read this I never considered this possibility and found the read to be very informative as I hope you and your readers do too.

Hohonuuli said...


Thanks for pointing that out, it's an interesting read and makes a good case for using local instances of loggers on JEE app servers.

In my case, I generally don't write too many server apps in Java these days, I actually use it for desktop applications or services. In these cases, static logger instances seem more appropriate.