Open Files/Folders Selected in Finder with Sublime Text 3 in Mac OS X

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Sublime Text is a great text editor. Here's a little AppleScript that can help open folders or files selected in the finder directly with Sublime Text 3. To use the script:

  1.  Open AppleScriptEditor 
  2.  Open a new editor (File -> New) 
  3. Paste the code below into the editor 
  4. Press the compile button to make sure it was copied correctly 
  5. Export as an Application (File -> Export, Make sure you select 'Application' as the File Format. I usually save my scripts to '~/Library/Scripts' but the location isn't so important. 
  6. Drag your newly saved application onto the Finder's toolbar 
  7. That's it. Just press it whenever you want to open selected Files/Folders in Sublime Text 3 
  8. You can change the icon on your new Application by following these instructions.

 Open in Sublime Text
 To use:
  * Drag Open In TextMate to the toolbar of any finder
  window to add it to the toolbar

on run
 tell application "Finder"
  if selection is {} then
   set finderSelection to folder of the front window as string
   set finderSelection to selection as alias list
  end if
 end tell
end run

-- script was drag-and-dropped onto
on open (theList)
end open

-- open in Sublime Text
on subl(listOfAliases)
 tell application "Sublime Text"
  open listOfAliases
 end tell
end subl



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Carlos Familia said...
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Carlos Familia said...


I was using your script for a while ago, but noticed that the startup was sluggish when sublime was not already running.
Found the following applescript to work a little better (from (NGRAY)):

-- script was opened by click in toolbar
on run
set st2 to POSIX path of (path to application "Sublime Text 2")
set subl to st2 & "Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl"
tell application "Finder"
copy selection to theSelected
set outputPathList to {}
repeat with anItem in theSelected
copy "'" & ((POSIX path of (anItem as alias)) as string) & "'" to end of outputPathList
end repeat
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to " "
set currentPath to outputPathList as string
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""
if currentPath is equal to "" then
set currentPath to "'" & (POSIX path of (target of front window as string)) & "'"
end if
tell current application to do shell script "'" & subl & "' " & currentPath
end tell
end run