Example of JavaFX ChangeListener in Scala

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I normally use IntelliJ IDEA and it's excellent Scala plugin for Scala development*. However, IntelliJ gave me a truly bogus autocomplete suggestion while adding a ChangeListener to a JavaFX Property referencing a Node:

Does Not Compile

What IntelliJ giveth:
nodeProperty.addListener(new ChangeListener[_ >: Node] {
  def changed(p1: ObservableValue[_ <: _ >: Node], p2: _ >: Node, p3: _ >: Node) {}


I had to change it to the following:
nodeProperty.addListener(new ChangeListener[Node] {
  def changed(p1: ObservableValue[_ <: Node], p2: Node, p3: Node) {}
* A footnote about developing with Scala. I normally build projects with Maven. The very excellent scala-maven-plugin, when used along-side zinc and mvnsh make for very quick code-compile cycles.

I also sometimes use SBT/ensime/Sublime Text. However, SBT and I usually agree to disagree. Fortunately, for many projects creating a dual Maven/SBT build is relatively straightforward.

Brian Schlining


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