Extracting Image metadata using Java/Groovy

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Extracting Image metadata using Java/Groovy

I'm currently working on a project that wants to use lossless PNG images for an image archive format. The format has to be able to store metadata about the image. We've found that the EXIFTool will put the metadata in PNG's using XMP XML. The trick is trying to read that metadata back out. Using Sanselan, it's possible to access this metadata. The script below will dump out all the metadata I'm able to extract from the image: Note: The Grab annotation that's fetching Sanselan requires you to configure Grapes to pull from a repository that actually contains Sanselan. There's one such repo at http://code.google.com/p/mbari-maven-repository/
#!/usr/bin/env groovy 

@Grab(group='org.apache.commons', module='sanselan', version='0.97')
import javax.imageio.ImageIO
import javax.imageio.ImageReader
import javax.imageio.metadata.IIOMetadata
import javax.imageio.stream.ImageInputStream
import org.apache.sanselan.ImageReadException
import org.apache.sanselan.Sanselan
import org.apache.sanselan.common.IImageMetadata
import org.apache.sanselan.common.RationalNumber
import org.apache.sanselan.formats.jpeg.JpegImageMetadata
import org.apache.sanselan.formats.tiff.TiffField
import org.apache.sanselan.formats.tiff.TiffImageMetadata
import org.apache.sanselan.formats.tiff.constants.GPSTagConstants
import org.apache.sanselan.formats.tiff.constants.TagInfo
import org.apache.sanselan.formats.tiff.constants.TiffConstants
import org.w3c.dom.NamedNodeMap
import org.w3c.dom.Node

def file = new File(args[0])
println("file: ${file.getPath()}")
println("---- Extracting metadata using Sanselan")
println("---- Extracting XMP XML using Sanselan")
println("---- Extracting metadata using Java ImageIO")

void printImageIO(File file) {
    ImageInputStream input = ImageIO.createImageInputStream(file)
    Iterator readers = ImageIO.getImageReaders(input)
    while (readers.hasNext()) {
        ImageReader reader = readers.next()
        reader.setInput(input, true)
        IIOMetadata metadata = reader.getImageMetadata(0)
        String[] names = metadata.metadataFormatNames
        for (name in names) {
            println("-> Format name: ${name}" )

void printImageIOMetadata(Node node, int level = 0) {
    print("    " * level)
    NamedNodeMap map = node.attributes
    if (map) {
        for (i in 0..")
        while(child) {
             printImageIOMetadata(child, level + 1)
             child = child.nextSibling
        print("    " * level)
    else {
        println(" />")

// ---- Using Sanselan ------------------------------------------------
void printSanselan(File file) {
    //        get all metadata stored in EXIF format (ie. from JPEG or TIFF).
    //            org.w3c.dom.Node node = Sanselan.getMetadataObsolete(imageBytes);
    IImageMetadata metadata = Sanselan.getMetadata(file)
    if (!metadata) {
        println("\tNo image metadata was found")
    if (metadata instanceof JpegImageMetadata) {
    else {

void printSanselanJpegMetadata(JpegImageMetadata metadata) {
    JpegImageMetadata jpegMetadata = metadata

    // Jpeg EXIF metadata is stored in a TIFF-based directory structure
    // and is identified with TIFF tags.
    // Here we look for the "x resolution" tag, but
    // we could just as easily search for any other tag.
    // see the TiffConstants file for a list of TIFF tags.

    // print out various interesting EXIF tags.
    println("  -- Standard EXIF Tags")
    printTagValue(jpegMetadata, TiffConstants.TIFF_TAG_XRESOLUTION)
    printTagValue(jpegMetadata, TiffConstants.TIFF_TAG_DATE_TIME)
    printTagValue(jpegMetadata, TiffConstants.EXIF_TAG_DATE_TIME_ORIGINAL)
    printTagValue(jpegMetadata, TiffConstants.EXIF_TAG_CREATE_DATE)
    printTagValue(jpegMetadata, TiffConstants.EXIF_TAG_ISO)
    printTagValue(jpegMetadata, TiffConstants.EXIF_TAG_SHUTTER_SPEED_VALUE)
    printTagValue(jpegMetadata, TiffConstants.EXIF_TAG_APERTURE_VALUE)
    printTagValue(jpegMetadata, TiffConstants.EXIF_TAG_BRIGHTNESS_VALUE)

    // simple interface to GPS data
    TiffImageMetadata exifMetadata = jpegMetadata.exif
    println("  -- GPS Info (using ${exifMetadata.getClass().getName()})")
    if (exifMetadata) {
        TiffImageMetadata.GPSInfo gpsInfo = exifMetadata.getGPS()
        if (gpsInfo) {
            double longitude = gpsInfo.longitudeAsDegreesEast
            double latitude = gpsInfo.latitudeAsDegreesNorth

            println("        GPS Description: ${gpsInfo}")
            println("        GPS Longitude (Degrees East): ${longitude}")
            println("        GPS Latitude (Degrees North): ${latitude}")
        def tags = GPSTagConstants.ALL_GPS_TAGS
        tags.each { tag ->
            def field = exifMetadata.findField(tag)
            if (field) {
                def item = new TiffImageMetadata.Item(field)
                println("        ${tag.description}${item.text}")
        /*println("  -- All Tiff Info (using ${exifMetadata.getClass().getName()})")
        def directories = exifMetadata.directories.sort { it.toString() }
        directories.each { dir ->
            def fields = dir.allFields.sort { it.tagInfo.description }
            fields.each { field ->
                def item = new TiffImageMetadata.Item(field)
                println("        ${dir} -> ${field.tagInfo.description}${item.text}") 
        } */

    println("  -- All EXIF info (using ${metadata.getClass().getName()})")
    def items = jpegMetadata.items.sort { it.keyword } // List
    items.each { item ->
       println("        ${item}")   

void printSanselanOtherMetadata(IImageMetadata metadata) {
    println("  -- All image metadata info (using ${metadata.getClass().getName()})")
    def items = metadata.items.sort { it.keyword } // List
    items.each { item ->
       println("        ${item}")   

void printSanselanXMP(File file) {
    String xml = Sanselan.getXmpXml(file)
    if (xml) {

void printTagValue(JpegImageMetadata jpegMetadata, TagInfo tagInfo) {
    TiffField field = jpegMetadata.findEXIFValue(tagInfo);
    if (field == null) {
        println("        (${tagInfo.name} not found.)")
    else {
        println("        ${tagInfo.name}: ${field.valueDescription}")

Brian Schlining


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